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1.  We are highly skilled Master technicians specializing only in Eyelash Extensions, with more than 13+ years’ experience applying 1000’s of sets.

2.  Countless satisfied customers have left looking transformed and amazing, we have more than 240 online reviews (please view my reviews page …)

3.   Fast application time – An experienced technician should take no more than 1.5hrs to apply a full set of classic lashes and no more than 2 hours for a medium volume set of Russian Lashes.

4.  Nap, chill or Meditate – We are so gentle most of our clients fall asleep

5.  We care about your natural lashes - Many of our clients have worn our lashes for many years non-stop and still have fantastic natural lashes. It’s all about finding the perfect thickness, length and curl that suits you.

6.  Low Maintenance – Once applied our extensions will last very well with proper aftercare. We will never overload your natural lashes and there isn’t much else to do after except brush them in the mornings.

7.   Lash Styling – No two eyes are the same, therefore we can create a variety of looks that will suit your eye shape therefore allowing you to customise it to your liking.


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