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It has never been more important to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are carried out and maintained in our salon. The safety and hygiene of our staff and clients has, and always will be the most important thing at Glamorous Lashes. We want to reassure you that we are taking every precaution possible to protect everyone. This includes:

  1. Masks: Will be worn by both therapist and client

  2. Visors: We wear these over our masks for extra protection

  3. Regular Hand Washing: Antibacterial hand wash and disposable towels are used

  4. Sanitising Hands: Done throughout the appointment when anything is touched

  5. Disposable Gloves: New medical grade gloves are worn for every client. Our hands are washed prior to wearing gloves. These are disposed of after each client

  6. Our beds: Our beauty couches have a sheet of Disinfect-able material which is sprayed and wiped down after each client. Disposable couch rolls are thrown out after each client

  7. Sterilisation of our tools: a special UV sterilisation lamp, after each client

  8. No Blankets: Please bring extra clothing if you prefer to be extra toasty

  9. No Contact: No unnecessary contact in our salons, meaning no hugs or handshakes.

  10. Temperature Checks: All staff have their temperatures taken before starting work to make sure everyone is healthy

A friendly reminder that if you are feeling unwell or show any signs of being unwell please stay home. If you have been in contact with anyone that has Covid -19 please wait at least 14 days before booking in with us.

Hygiene and Precautions in the Beauty Industry 


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